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StruxureWare Data Center Operation 8.1

has been released!!  see Release Notes for more information

......we always recommend SE StruxureWare Data Center Operation to clients looking for an enterprise class DCIM solution......offering data center capacity management, asset management, impact analysis, and much more........

Data Center Expert can be thought of as the core foundation of our DCIM offering because it's responsible for all the data aggregation for critical hardware such as UPS's, PDU's, CRAC's, transfer switches, Netbotz, and many other devices that communicate using the SNMP protocol. We can also pull in devices that communicate using the Modbus protocol by using a hardware gateway which converts Modbus into Modbus TCP. All data collected is stored in a database which can then be forwarded to Data Center Operation.

Data Center Operation is the bread and butter of our DCIM offering. The platform is responsible for pulling information from Data Center Expert and crafting the data into robust 2D and 3D visualization's. Data Center Operation has many modules which allow us to build customized solutions to meet a broad spectrum of needs. End-users can now view rack elevations, accurately plan remaining capacity, manage change in the data center, calculate PUE, and benefit from many more tools. 

     Operation - Instant overview of data center operations through inventory management, PUE calculator, real-time device alarms, and location-based drill-down.

     Capacity -  Infrastructure capacity planning and optimization via shared data center model, enabling efficient equipment provisioning and right-sizing of your data center.

     Change Module - Workflow management allows for easily tracking and executing moves, adds and changes of equipment in the data center.

     Energy Cost - Cost analysis of energy use on a kW/h basis, detailed to the rack level, for calculating cost of energy consumption for specified equipment and aid in charge back     and efficient budgeting.

     Energy Efficiency - Full insight into energy usage costs as well as current & historical energy efficiency analysis for the facility, identifying efficiency losses and enabling improved PUE/DCiE values at subsystem level.

     Insight - Customizable report generator for monitoring data center power and capacity utilization as well as key performance indicators

     IT Optimize - Reduce IT system energy usage through in-depth optimization of server utilization for increased data center performance.

     Mobile- Handheld, wireless bar-code scanner for viewing, creating & instantly synchronizing changes to data center operations on the go. Based on Motorola MC75 hardware.

     Cluster – Cluster node enables you to run StruxureWare Data Center Operation in a clustered environment with multiple servers, leading to improved performance. For improved data security, you can add an offsite disaster recovery node.

     CoLo - Asset and cage space management for an optimized multi-tenant data center.Type your paragraph here.

Latest release 6/12/2018