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Required server specs
Number of nodesMin Hardware Resources
up to  325 devices
1 GB RAM  -- 1 CPU
up to  325 devices
2 GB RAM  -- 1 CPU
up to  325 devices
2 GB RAM  -- 2 CPU
up to  325 devices
4 GB RAM  -- 4 CPU

SERVER SPECS for setting up DCE VM

VMWare supports fault tolerance on virtual machines with 1 CPU only. Please refer to your vendor's documentation for more information about fault tolerance. The disk space required to monitor a given number of nodes varies according to the device types monitored and the amount of data you want to store. The minimum hard disk size is 18 GB. To determine whether to add another hard disk, you can view available disk space in the "Storage Settings" display, accessed from the Server Administration Settings option in the System menu. View this display periodically to help determine how quickly the virtual appliance consumes disk space. Note: To store large amounts of surveillance data, using a remote repository is recommended.

StruxureWare Data Center Expert Trial Download

The trial is the FULL version of the software but capped at monitoring 5 devices and with NO expiration!!
See the links below for download information for the StruxureWare Data Center Expert v7.7.0 VM trial.  This is downloaded as an OVA file with a Linux OS packaged, no need to install one.   Note that only VMWare environments are supported at this time.  After filling out the short survey you will receive a link to download the software.