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Discovery Questions for ITE

Question 1: How do you monitor your critical infrastructure today?
With EcoStruxure IT Expert, you can monitor all your critical mechanical and electrical infrastructure, UPS,
power distribution, and cooling equipment regardless of the vendor, giving you visibility, at any time, on your

Question 2: How is your IT equipment distributed? In a single site or multiple locations?
Regardless of whether your critical infrastructure is located in a single site or distributed across multiple
locations, EcoStruxure IT Expert provides you with real-time visibility and detailed information into all physi-
cal infrastructure devices by geography or customizable location.

Question 3: How do you know when something has gone wrong? How quickly can you resolve
the problem?

If something happens to your critical equipment, EcoStruxure IT Expert instantly notifies you by sending a
push notification to your smartphone. With EcoStruxure IT Expert, alarms are consolidated into incidents
so you can avoid the alarm storm and get the most important event notifications delivered straight to your

Question 4: Would more control over your critical Infrastructure benefit you and your team?
In the EcoStruxure IT Expert web interface, you can remotely configure your devices and set up automatic
updates and backups. Through benchmarking, you can compare your devices against the total population of
similar devices in the industry to optimize their performance.

Question 5: Are you short on time or staff to monitor your IT equipment yourself?
We’ve built the EcoStruxure IT platform to be flexible to give you the power of choice. If you are more
hands-on, you can monitor your critical infrastructure yourself using IT Expert. If you are more hands-off,
your preferred partner and/or Schneider Electric Service Bureau can monitor it for you.

Question 6: How can you benefit from making data driven decisions?
Imagine if you could move from being reactive to being proactive. EcoStruxure IT Expert leverages analytics
and machine learning to determine patterns of healthy behavior and provides insights so you and your team
know which devices require attention before any issue occurs.
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